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Frequently asked questions

What is LoanStreet?

LoanStreet is a place where you can find all financiers under one roof. LoanStreet is a Dutch fintech company and also the tradename of Sparkholder B.V., which was founded in 2013 with the aim to help entrepreneurs to obtain a business loan on the best terms. The entrepreneurs behind LoanStreet are here to help you arrange the best business loan. You compare all major financiers on interest, costs and speed. Without obligations, based on data from your online accounting package.

Can I get help from a LoanStreet financial expert?

Of course. We know that for many entrepreneurs it is not a daily pratice to apply for financing. We are happy to help you, completely free and without obligations. We are financial experts, so you do not have to be. We speak bright and clear language: we keep it simple and easy to understand so that you can make the best decisions for your company.

Can I also call in my own advisor?

Of course. If you would rather seek help from your own advisor, accountant or accountant, you can invite them when comparing and applying for funding. You can also ask your advisor to do it entirely for you. LoanStreet makes it possible to work together online.

How can I contact you?

We have experienced that we can serve our customers faster and better by e-mail. Feel free to send an e-mail to support@loanstreet.nl, then we will prove that you get the best support from us! If the chat is online, you can also start a chat with one of our financial experts.

What are the costs of using LoanStreet?

LoanStreet always works on a no cure no pay basis when the application is made via our platform. This means that we only get paid a success fee if we manage to realize a deal for you. The success fee is meant to keep interests in line, whereby we both benefit from a good solution.
The success fee is 1% of the financing sum with a minimum of € 750 and a maximum of € 4,000. LoanStreet Trusted Advisors (accountants, bookkeepers and other advisors) receive a 20% discount on the success fee, which means that the success fee is a minimum of € 750 and a maximum of € 3,200.
Depending on where we achieve success, we receive the success fee from you or from the financier. In the latter case, at receiving the loan, you do not have to pay us anything and the invoicing goes through the financier. Regardless of who pays, the best choice is at the top of the comparison you receive, regardless of the compensation we receive. You can also sort the comparison yourself based on success rate or costs.

Is LoanStreet independent of the financiers?

Yes! We work independently of the financiers and have no preference for where you get the financing. We are also entrepreneurs and we are here to help you. You find the best deal, we get a smile.

Which accounting software is compatible with LoanStreet?

At this time LoanStreet connects to Exact Online, Twinfield, SnelStart, e-Boekhouden.nl, Minox and iMuis. In the future, new cloud packages will be added.

Is LoanStreet safe?

LoanStreet pursues the highest standards of safety and reliability. We do our utmost to ensure the safety of your data. The transmission of data is done encrypted and the data analysis is done on our secure server (in europe), which is managed by an outside specialist. Visiting LoanStreet is also done via a secure connection. Therefore, the web address begins with 'https', where the 's' stands for secure. And there's a lock symbol in the browser's web address. You might recognize this from the Internet banking. Linking with your bookkeeping is done using among others OAuth authorization. This means that we will never receive your username or password, but that we receive a 'key' from your bookkeeping to retrieve your data. So we can retrieve your data, but we can never log into your accounting environment.

Who has access to LoanStreet?

You're the only user who can access your data. You can invite people (eg, accountant or bookkeeper) to support the application, they can also access the information at that time. In addition, the information does not end up with third parties. Of course, the information reaches the lenders that you choose, these parties need the information to review your request. The financiers behind LoanStreet have an obligation to treat the information confidential. So, you’re always in control of who gets to see what.

Who owns the data?

The entrepreneur is the one who provides the data and who will stay the owner of the data.

Is my data used for anything else?

The data is used for making an application for funding. This means that we analyze the data to determine if you are eligible for funding and, if so, which parties match your request. Ultimately, you decide to which financiers the request is sent. Your data is not shared with other parties or third parties.

What are the advantages of LoanStreet?

LoanStreet offers many advantages. Making an application is many times faster, you can send your application to a large group of financiers and many lenders provide you with a discount on the intake and interest costs. This makes an application through LoanStreet practically free. Furthermore LoanStreet gives you insight on the feasibility of your application before you send it to financiers, you can collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper and we use data from your accounting system, so we already filled a large part of your application. Finally, we make a robot forecast for you.

What types of businesses can apply through LoanStreet?

LoanStreet is currently suitable for SME businesses that use Exact Online, Twinfield, SnelStart, e-Boekhouden.nl, Minox or iMuis and have a financing requirement between € 25,000 and € 1,000,000. The best analyzes are made in LoanStreet when a company has at least 2 years of data in their bookkeeping. However, companies with less data can also apply for a loan using LoanStreet.

What documents do I need in the application process?

Although we connect with your bookkeeping package, some lenders will still ask for some documents for verification. The documents that are needed: Financial statements in PDF, income tax declarations in PDF and in the case of real estate will be asked for a valuation report (for own use) and/or a rental contract (for rental). You can upload two optional documents in PDF format, such as a business plan.

How long will it take before I receive the money after an application has been submitted?

Unfortunately we can not say exactly how long it takes before you receive the money, when an application is approved. This can vary by lender. At some financiers, this will be within a few days, for others this may take a week to several weeks.

Which financing solutions are offered through LoanStreet?

Through LoanStreet, you can shoot your application to a large group of financiers that offer access to loans, overdrafts, leasing, factoring and bank guarantees.

To which financiers can I submit my application?

There's a large group of financiers and investors behind the LoanStreet platform. These parties offer different forms of financing and/or investments. Using LoanStreet allows you to get discount on the intake and interest costs at several financiers. For a complete list of financiers you can take a look at this page.

Can I also get financing with a BKR listing?

There are financiers who are also willing to finance with a BKR code. LoanStreet also has financiers that are willing to finance under certain circumstances and when delivering the desired information. This is most common with a BKR with H code. Read here more about financing with a BKR quotation.