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Financing with a BKR code

It is often said that with a BKR code caused by a payment arrears, getting a business loan is not possible. A financier wants to know if you have met your obligations in the past. If you have not done so and therefore have a BKR code, a business loan is not possible in principle. Yet there are financiers that also finance if you have a BKR code. For example, some financiers may cause a BKR code by not finding a backlog relevant. There are also financiers who are willing to finance if you have a BKR code if you have compensated for the arrears, have made a payment arrangement or if the cause of the BKR code arose due to external circumstances that you did not fully control.

What is a BKR registration?

Credits or financing that you take out are recorded by your lender in the Central Credit Information System at Stichting BKR. This is also called a BKR registration. This creates an overview of all loans you have taken out. Any payment arrears that are part of this registration are also recorded.
This overview allows lenders to see which financing is outstanding and which arrears there are. If you have a backlog then you get an A code. After this backlog is satisfied, your registration will change to BKR H (Recovery) code. This registration will remain visible for 5 years. Multiple BKR codes are possible. An overview of all codes can be found at:

Who wants to finance with a BKR code?

There are financiers who are also willing to finance with a BKR code. Within LoanStreet, also financiers are prepared to finance under certain circumstances and when delivering the desired information. This is most common with a BKR with H code. This means that the backlog has been restored. In this case, a number of crowdfunders and lease companies are willing to finance. So when it comes to property financing or long-term financing, these parties offer a possible solution. Even with an A code it is sometimes possible for the crowdfunders to get financing provided the cause is easily explained, caused by external circumstances and the company will not get into any further problems. For the factoring companies within LoanStreet, a BKR code is not relevant. So if you need financing for working capital and you have business debtors, then these parties offer a possible solution.