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Arrange financing directly from e-Boekhouden.nl

Save time and easily request credit with your data from e-Boekhouden.nl. Within a few minutes you will know which of the 17 financiers you can get a loan from. Easily and quickly arrange the best deal.


Know instantly where you can borrow

Our unique system provides funding clarity within 2 minutes based on your bookkeeping. We present you free of charge an overview of the chances, costs and terms per financier. After that, signing the best deal is a piece of cake.


Guidance from our experts

Our financial experts are personally available to help you via chat, telephone or e-mail. Every company is unique and it is our specialty to find the solution that best suits your situation.


You save by getting the best deal

If you want to get the best deal, you must be able to compare financiers first. We do this online and independently for you. If you do this without LoanStreet, requesting multiple offers quickly costs you 20 hours extra, a waste of time.

Arrange the best deal in 4 steps

1. State your financing needs

Indicate how much money you want to borrow and what you need it for. This way we can link the right financier to you during the check.

2. Link your accounting package

Link your e-Boekhouden.nl administration to LoanStreet. Because all your data is already there, this saves a lot of duplication and the data is always up-to-date. Linking the accounting package is fast and safe.

3. Receive your credit score

Based on the data from e-Boekhouden.nl you know within a few minutes whether you can get a business loan, how much you can borrow and with which financier you can get the credit.

4. Apply for funding

If you are eligible for a company financing, you can apply for funding directly from multiple parties through us. This way you arrange the best deal for your financing. No cure no pay.

Loanstreet is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, so you can compare and can arrange the best deal!

Margreet van Roemburg - HerĂ´me

Easy and fast funding at 17 financers, among which

Financing directly from e-Boekhouden.nl