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Financing goals

You do not always apply for financing for the same purpose. Some entrepreneurs want to buy a new company car, others have to keep their stock up and where others want to grow or expand. Whatever your purpose, LoanStreet always connects you to the right financier.

If you want more information about the different goals, which financiers you can use for which purpose and the different forms of financing, then select one of the goals in the list below for more information. You can of course start an application for LoanStreet for a business loan for any purpose.

Corona cashflow-issues
Does your company need money to bridge the corona crisis? Via Loanstreet you can apply for a bridging loan that is subsidized by the state through the BMKB.
Take-over or buyout
Acquisition of a company usually requires substantial financing for the acquisition and goodwill.
Debtors increase
A growing profitable company often has growth in debtors due to growth. This can best be financed with a business credit such as a current account.
Working capital for growth
If your business grows, you may need a business loan to finance your working capital.
Innovation and development
A business loan for innovation is sometimes difficult to get. The government has various forms of innovation credit and subsidies so that entrepreneurs can still arrange financing at good interest rates.
Business assets
Read all about the purchase of inventory and machines financed with a long-term business loan.
Real estate
Business loans for a business building, or a corporate mortgage, often offer lower interest rates because the property can serve as collateral.
Refinancing an existing loan
Refinancing a business loan or a business loan can occur if you want to change the conditions of a loan.
Paying VAT or creditors
Finance short liabilities through a long-term loan to increase liquidity.
Stock purchase
Inventory financing or have your purchase invoices paid using financiers affiliated with LoanStreet
Means of transport
You arrange a business loan or lease for the purchase of a car or company car via LoanStreet and the affiliated financiers.