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LoanStreet helps small business owners who are seeking business financing up to € 1,000,000. Within 1 minute you know for free whether you can get funding and after this completing your funding application is a piece of cake.

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Faster & cheaper

Within 1 minute you know where you stand and after this you send your application for funding to several parties in no time at lower costs.


Ask for help

LoanStreet makes it easy for you as an entrepreneur. Still need help? Easily invite your accountant or consultant to help.


Safe & Encrypted

We use the banking level encryption, which makes using LoanStreet safe and secure for you as an entrepreneur.

Get funded in 4 steps

1. Determine your financing requirements

Fill in the amount of money you are looking for and where you need it for. This way, we can later match the right financiers with your request.

2. Connect your administration

LoanStreet 'talks' with Exact Online or Twinfield. Because all your data is already in Exact Online or Twinfield, this saves you hours and prevents you from doing double work. Next to this your data is always up-to-date. Connecting with Exact Online or Twinfield is quick and secure.
Exact Twinfield

3. Receive your credit score for free

Based on the data from Exact Online or Twinfield you know whether you can get funding and where to get this funding within 1 minute for free. There are dozens of lenders included in the LoanStreet check.

4. Loan applications without friction

Now you know where to get your funding, you can directly apply for this funding. Among other things, we will also include a 'robot forecast' for your business which saves you time and hassle. Requesting a loan at several financiers is completely free.

Many satisfied entrepreneurs led the way

Margreet van Roemburg

Owner and founder of Herôme

Funding applications always were expensive and time consuming. This belongs to the past with LoanStreet! You can shoot your application to a large group of financiers and will receive a discount at a lot of financiers.

Merien ten Houten

Oprichter en

Normally, after doing a funding application you have to wait for weeks in tension and with an uncertain outcome. One of the best parts of LoanStreet is that you already know in advance what your chances are.

Peter Verhaar

Oprichter Alex Beleggingsbank

The world of SME financing could use some renovation and LoanStreet succeeded in doing that. The wide range of financiers behind LoanStreet is a relief for entrepreneurs.

The benefits of applying for a business loan through LoanStreet

  • You know within one minute whether you can get a business loan and where
  • You can send the funding request directly to multiple lenders
  • Many financiers give you a discount on the interest rate and / or the intake charge
  • You can collaborate online in the application with your accountant, advisor or accountant
  • We receive a compensation from the financier, so it's free for you as an entrepreneur

Costs of the business loan application

Requesting a loan using LoanStreet is free of charge. When you receive a loan from one of the funders, we get a compensation from this funder. We don't care which financier you choose, because we have similar agreements with all of them.

Next to this, at a lot of financiers you will get a discount when using LoanStreet. This makes LoanStreet not only easy to use, but cheaper as well for you as an entrepreneur of advisor.

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