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Process of requesting a business loan

Applying for a business loan for SME entrepreneurs is a time-consuming process with an uncertain outcome. Moreover, entrepreneurs often ask for a loan at several parties, and all entrepreneurs must provide these parties with information in different ways.

If you request for funding using LoanStreet:

  • You know within one minute if you are creditworthy
  • Your application is sent to more multiple lenders if you want
  • You get discounts at many lenders
  • You save yourself a lot of work because we use existing date from your bookkeeping in the application
  • You can work together with your accountant, financial adviser or accountant

Business loans based on your bookkeeping

LoanStreet uses data from your bookkeeping in the application, thereby you don't have to do double work or manual entries. Within 1 minute you know at what lender you can get the business loan. If you are creditworthy as a company, you can apply for business loan directly at multiple handpicked lenders. In this way, LoanStreet already shows your chances before you put a lot of time in applying for the loan. So you save a lot of time, effort and frustration.

For verification some lenders require additional documents. The documents you need are:

  • Financial statements in PDF
  • Income tax declarations in PDF
  • Valuation report of the property and/or a rental agreement (in the case of real estate)
  • Business plan in PDF (optional)

Would you like to use LoanStreet for your clients as an advisor, auditor, accountant or financial? Please contact us via support@loanstreet.nl.

How long does it take before I get my business loan after approval

Because we work with various lenders with various treatment procedures, we can not specify exactly how long it takes before you can use your business loan. In some cases, it may already be within a few days, but it could also take several weeks.

Different types of business loans

You can use LoanStreet to apply for a loan at several financiers that offer a broad range of different financial products. Examples include:

  • Loans
  • Current account
  • Lease
  • Factoring
  • Bank guarantees


LoanStreet cooperates with Exact, Twinfield, SnelStart, e-Boekhouden.nl, Minox and iMuis.

At this moment LoanStreet can only be used for funding applications when working with Exact Online, Twinfield, SnelStart, e-Boekhouden.nl, Minox or iMuis accounting software. Do you work with another accounting package? Please fill in your email address so we can notify you as soon as we support other bookkeeping packages.