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Lease or a business loan for your car or company car

Transport means are almost always financed by an SME. Whether it is a passenger car or a company car, almost no entrepreneur pays it out of their own pocket. Entrepreneurs often prefer to use this cash flow for other investments, especially because credit for transport is often easier to obtain than other loans.

Lease a good option for company cars

The first option that you probably think about when financing a company car is lease. And that is logical, because it is by far the most common form of in this category. Often the vendor of company cars or passenger cars also offers financing options such as leasing. But did you know that you can also easily finance means of transport with a long-term loan from a bank, for example? And often the interest on this is even lower. The reason, however, that this hardly happens is in convenience and standards. Applying for lease as a financing form is often arranged with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, most financiers also point directly to leasing as the best solution for the purchase of company cars. The costs can also differ considerably. This depends, among other things, on the term, which has a major effect on the interest rate. It may therefore be worthwhile to request a number of offers and to compare them.

Financial or operational lease

When purchasing, the question always arises whether you want financial or operational leasing. But what exactly is the difference? And for which form of financing do you have to choose? In short, the difference for you as an entrepreneur is that you are the owner of the means of transport in the case of a financial lease, and that the lease company is the owner of the means of transport with an operational lease. From a financial point of view this means, for example, that you must also put the means of transport for financial lease on the balance sheet of your company and have to write it down. In the case of a financial lease you pay lease installments that consist of a form of repayment and interest, while in the case of an operational lease you simply receive an invoice for the lease costs. You can actually see the financing form operational lease as a form in which the leasing company leases the company car to you, whereby the invoice you receive must compensate the costs of the leasing company. In the Netherlands, operational leasing is the most popular option for passenger cars because of the ease and also the large offer. This differs for company cars and also depends on the financierthat you choose.