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Business loan at ING

Bank; Guarantee Credit SME (BMKB-C or GO-C) available
All products that you expect from a bank
Loans and overdraft from {{funder.minAmount | currency:undefined:0}} to {{funder.maxAmount | currency:undefined:0}}
Interest between {{funder.interest.overallMin | number:1}}% and {{funder.interest.overallMax | number:1}}% per year
Interest saved on average through LoanStreet: 0.3%
Fee Loanstreet at succes: {{funder.successFeeText ? funder.successFeeText : funder.successFee | currency:undefined:0}}
Done and no prognosis needed
Within 2 working days you will be contacted
24 hours after your application is complete you receive financing clarity
Advantages LoanStreet
50% discount on the closing costs of the bank loan (0.25% instead of 0.5%).
Money on account
Within 2 weeks
Possible funding goals

Business loans via LoanStreet

Via LoanStreet you can easily send your application to several financiers with 1 click. You can read more information about the financiers on LoanStreet, but you can also apply directly. During your application you will get insight into the chances of success per financier, but you will also get an insight into the expected interest and costs.

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