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Compare business loans for entrepreneurs from Collin Crowdfund with Fundament

Collin Crowdfund
Linear loans from 6 months to 10 years
Loans from {{funder.minAmount | currency:undefined:0}} to {{funder.maxAmount | currency:undefined:0}}
Fund for and by accountants
Changing house bank not required, so no hassle
Loans up to 5 years from {{funder.minAmount | currency:undefined:0}} to {{funder.maxAmount | currency:undefined:0}}
Collin Crowdfund
Interest between 4.9% and 9.5% per year
Credit assessment costs in advance
Interest saved on average through LoanStreet: 0.5%
Interest between {{funder.interest.overallMin | number:1}}% and {{funder.interest.overallMax | number:1}}% per year
No costs upfront
Interest saved on average through LoanStreet: 0.5%
Collin Crowdfund
It takes 1 hour on average to finish on LoanStreet and a prognosis is needed
Within 1 working day you will be contacted
After acceptance you have to put time in your crowdfund campaign
You spend an average of 1 hour on LoanStreet and a prognosis is needed
You will be contacted within 1 business day
With a complete application you have insight into interest and conditions within 1 week
Advantages LoanStreet
Collin Crowdfund
Depending on risk an interest discount
1.25% instead of 1.5% successfee
Support during the application process
Financing fund exclusively available via LoanStreet
Temporarily no closing costs (normally 1%)
Fast assessment through a complete application
Collin Crowdfund
Money on account
Collin Crowdfund
4 to 6 weeks
Within 2 weeks

Business loans via LoanStreet

Via LoanStreet you can easily compare different financiers. This gives you insight into the costs, what is required and what forms of financing a financier offers. Moreover, you can also immediately start an application via LoanStreet and send it to several financiers at the same time. In your application you will receive a clear overview of your chances per financier.