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Advice with requesting a business loan

Applying for a business finance in the traditional way is a complicated process. As an entrepreneur, there is so much information you have to process and you have to make sure your accounting is up to date. To make the process of requesting for funding easier, we offer with our tool an easy way to see in one minute whether you can get a business financing. After this check, you can directly apply for your loan at multiple lenders.
By linking your Exact Online, Twinfield, SnelStart, e-Boekhouden.nl, Minox or iMuis bookkeeping software to your funding request, we can assess whether you qualify for a business financing.
We can imagine that you, as an entrepreneur, have several questions about applying for business financing and would like to receive help. We are happy to help you, without obligations. We are financial experts, so you do not have to be. We speak clear and clear language: we keep it simple and easy to understand so that you can make the best decisions for your company.

Request for a business loan with help

If you would rather seek help from your own advisor, accountant or accountant, you can invite them when comparing and applying for funding. You can also ask your advisor to do it entirely for you. If you are looking for advice or support as an entrepreneur, please send an e-mail to support@loanstreet.nl. We can then help you further or bring you in contact with an accountant or consultant in your region, who can help you to draw up a successful application for financing.

The accountants and consultants that we work with to help you with your loan application, are experienced and happy to help you. Through our broad network of consultants, we can always provide a suitable accountant or adviser who specializes in your industry and has an office close to where your business is located.

Reliable advice on financing your business

One of LoanStreet's financial experts, or one of our partners, will be happy to advise you on all financial matters of your company, such as a credit application or a financing plan. Regardless of the legal form of your business, these consultants can advise you, which increases the chance of a successful credit application.
We only work with the best partners with years of experience in advising companies in the SME sector. This way we can guarantee to you as an entrepreneur that you will always get reliable advice. In addition, our partners do not hesitate to give unsolicited advice as it adds value to your company.

LoanStreet is independent

As an entrepreneur you always get reliable advice at LoanStreet because we are completely independent of our partners and financiers.
Want to know more about our partners or directly call in the help of a financial expert? Send an e-mail to support@loanstreet.nl. We always try to contact you within 1 working day to help you further.

Goal of your business loan

Applying for a business financing can have different reasons. These include growing your business, purchasing inventory and taking over a company. Other goals that an be a reason to request for a business loan are:

  • Stock
  • Transport equipment
  • Inventory and equipment
  • Real estate
  • Buyout
  • Innovation and development
  • Growth and expansion
  • Debtors
  • Livestock
  • Refinancing
  • Repayment of short liabilities (eg. VAT or creditors)

Questions about help with your request via LoanStreet

For more guidance on applying for business financing, you can contact us here.