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BMKB-C and GO-C government guarantee credit and other solutions for corona at a glance

Stock market prices have fallen sharply in a short period of time and a number of sectors including tourism, industry and transport are feeling the harsh blows. Chances are that your company will also be affected by corona and you will need a solution for extra liquidity. On this page you will find all information about the BMKB Guarantee Credit and other financing solution for Corona. If you start a financing check, you will immediately be presented with the financing options for your company.

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BMKB Corona

BMKB Guarantee credit as a financing solution for corona

With the BMKB, the government partly guarantees companies that want to take out a loan, but are unable to offer sufficient security to the financier concerned (banks in particular). The companies that are affected by the consequences of the coronavirus and therefore run into liquidity problems, can temporarily count on extra favourable conditions under the BMKB. There will be a new temporary measure (valid until 1 April 2021) - which will be used for the broad target group of SMEs - with which the State will offer a higher guarantee share in the BMKB

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Corona alternatieven

All financing solutions for corona at a glance

For the survival of this, as it seems, short storm, liquidity is essential. We advise you to pay extra attention to your liquidity planning for the coming period. This will give you a good idea of the probability of a future liquidity shortfall and when it might occur. There are then several solutions you can think of, including the national government's reduction in working hours. In the area of financing, products such as a loan without repayment, refinancing at lower costs, invoice financing and cash flow financing can offer a solution.

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